Main Features

Game Lobby System the live lobby lets you browse and join existing tables and view the number of players at each table.

Instant Live AJAX Gameplay delivers fast, low bandwidth gameplay and is compatible with most popular javascript enabled browsers (IE, Firefox, Netscape, Opera).

High Scores, Stats & Rankings make the game more enjoyable long term. Players can view their progress as they rise up through the ranks and have the opportunity to analyse their game play via their personal win ratios and move statistics.

Custom Avatars can be uploaded by players to give that personal touch to their game character.

Live Chat Module allows players to interact with one another during a game.

Tournament Tables cannot be joined once the game is in play. The players are knocked off the table as they go bust until one winner remains.

Sit 'n Go Tables that allow players to sit, play and leave at any point.

Sit Out Module can be used to display a message or advertising to your visitors whenever they leave a table. The length of time they must sit out for can be adjusted in the admin panel.

3 Approval Modes allow you to either auto approve all new players, approve them after verifying their email address or approve them manually in the admin panel.

Language Support allows you to change any text displayed in our game so all text, alerts and messages can be changed to the language of your choice within one language file.

Banning Players is easy with our handy ban/unban feature. At the click of a button you can instantly kick any player from your site on a temporary or permanent basis.

Player Profiles allow players to view their player stats and performance.

Game Timers can be altered to allow the administrator to adjust the speed of game play. You can adjust the player move timer, the length of time the hands display at the showdown and the kick timer that will auto kick inactive players.

Simple integration techniques let you integrate with your existing login and/or points system.

**Subject to bandwidth